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Training/Capacity Building Coordinator - Liberia

Title: Training/Capacity Building Coordinator

Location: Liberia

Start Date and Duration: To be decided


Project Description:

The Rural Infrastructure Supporting Enterprise (RISE) program will provide complementary infrastructure investments in roads and civil works to support ongoing agricultural, educational and economic growth projects.

All work under RISE will be conducted in such a way as to focus on strengthening the capacity of local companies in the Liberian infrastructure sector through specific activities designed to address prequalification, classroom training, mentorship and work process training of both private and public sector contractors and consultants.

RISE will focus activities in the FED priority counties of Bong, Nimba, Lofa, Grand Bassa, Margibi, and Monsterrado to support FED in terms of improving the accessibility of priority RF roads and their bridge networks in order to: a) increase agricultural productivity and profitability and enhanced improved nutrition; b) stimulate private enterprise growth and investment, including through development of labor-based road maintenance enterprises; and c) build local technical and managerial human resources to sustain and expand the accomplishments achieved in construction activities. In addition, the program will: improve county-level road maintenance services; ensure that road improvement works are environmentally sustainable, reaching the indigenous population and the large informal sector; involve affected communities in the planning and maintenance activities of priority RF roads; and involve the Liberian private sector in the road inventory and condition assessment, detailed design, construction and maintenance activities that are crucial to support cost effectiveness and cost reliability of the improved accessibility from the improved roads. A key outcome of RISE will be to strengthen the infrastructure sector of Liberia through the design and delivery of a fully integrated and sustainable capacity building program.


Role Responsibilities:

The Training/Capacity Building Coordinator is expected to provide the full range expertise in developing training materials and training courses for institutional strengthening and capacity building of SME infrastructure firms and public sector entities under RISE. (S)he shall be the principal assistant of the COP in design and implementation of work-process training, classroom training, field demonstration training, and mentorship programs. (S)he shall be the Team Leader for the training and capacity building team.

Experience Requirements:

  • Minimum eight (8) years of progressively responsible work experience in implementing infrastructure programs is required.
  • Minimum of 4 years of experience in institutional strengthening and capacity building of both small and medium scale infrastructure firms and public sector entities is required.
  • Minimum (4) years substantial experience in training and mentorship of local small and medium scale construction contractors in one or more developing countries including:
  • Experience in tendering, contracting, quality and volume control, theft prevention; operations and maintenance.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Advanced ICT skills especially as they pertain to applications for training, institutional strengthening, and capacity building of private and public sector entities engaged in construction of rural roads and civil works.
  • Fluency in English, at very good/excellent level, is required.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Project Management, or another degree (scientific or engineering) related to road, bridges, and building construction.
  • Experience on similar projects in Liberia is desirable.
  • Preferred experience in work-process training, classroom training, and field demonstration training.
  • Must be experienced trainer of trainers (TOT), with particular experience in labor-based road works and training of Contractors, Engineers and Technicians in rural roads and construction using alternative technologies.

How to Apply: Please send resume/CV that clearly shows you have the required Skills/Experience of the position by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please include (name of the position) in the subject line of your email.   Please also include a list of three (3) references of professional contacts within the last three (3) years.  Offerors should provide current phone, fax address, and email address for each reference contact. 



Deadline for Applications: March 27, 2012


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