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Short term experts needed for Bangladesh Farmer to Farmer Program (FtF)

I have four short term assignment to share with you...

I am recruiting four short term volunteer assignments on behalf of Winrock International this month.  We need specialists in (1) Tilapia Seed Production, (2) Beekeeping/Honey Products, (3) Small-scale Poultry Farming and (4) Small Ruminants (goats and sheep).  Through the USAID-funded Farmer to Farmer Program (FtF), Winrock provides technical assistance to agricultural producers, organizations, agribusinesses and universities in Africa and Asia.  These are volunteer assignments: U.S. specialists donate their time and expertise and spend two to three weeks on specific technical assignments, working directly with counterparts in the region to address local needs. Volunteers may travel individually or in teams. The FtF Program covers all costs of airfare, lodging, meals, insurance, and any work related expenses.

#1) Assignment Title: Tilapia/Aquaculture Volunteer for “Improved Tilapia Seed Production and Profitable Farming Techniques with Emphasis on Disease Management” project

Location:  Bogra, Mymensingh and Chittagong, in Bangladesh

Duration and Dates of Assignment:  (including travel) will be 2-4 weeks in June or July 2012 and should be completed by August 9th.

Winrock International is seeking one volunteer expert, with experience on improved tilapia seed (mono-sex & YY male) production and profitable tilapia farming, to help contribute toward the USAID’s Feed the Future initiative.  The volunteer assignment will improve monosex tilapia and pangus seed production along with final farm production, which ultimately increases the country’s fish production as well as employment opportunities and food security.  

Qualifications Requirements:   It is desired but not essential that the expert also have experience with pangus seed production and disease management; Winrock is looking for an expert with knowledge and skills in the following areas:

    • Genetics and breeding biology of tilapia and pangus
    • Tilapia and pangus grow-out and  nursery management
    • Improved operation of tilapia/ pangus hatchery
    • Identifying problems responsible for fluctuation in hatchery production
    • Identifying causes and remedy on high mortality during hormone feeding in tilapia hatchery
    • Analyze production economics and management plan of hatchery operation
    • Hatchery water quality management
    • Disease management both in hatchery and grow-out farm
    • Bio-security and hygiene management in hatchery and grow out farm
    • Hands-on training to the hatchery and grow out farm technical staff
    • Breeding programs of different strains like G.I.F.T. Genomar, Chitralada, TabTim, GIFT Excel, YY Supermale, etc.
    • International standards and compliance issues related to fish hatchery and grow out practices
    • Bachelor or higher degree in Fisheries is desired. 
    • Must be available for 3 to 4 weeks in June to early August 2012 (assignment to be completed before August 9, 2012)
  • US citizenship or current residency in the US is required.

#2) Assignment Title: Improve Poultry Farming Technical Skills (Volunteer)

Location: Bangladesh 

Duration and Dates of Assignment: 2-3 weeks, to be completed before August 9, 2012

Assignment Summary:  In Bangladesh, poultry plays an important role in income and employment generation, improving food security, human nutrition, and poverty reduction. It has great potential in enabling rural women to earn daily cash income resulting in reduced vulnerability and increased empowerment.  Al-Madina Pharmaceuticals Ltd., a leading pharmaceutical company, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is selling inputs to poultry farmers. The company employees provide technical information to farmers on poultry management. But the company staffs lack knowledge in improved poultry farm management, especially disease management. Al-Madina needs an expert, who would be able to improve the knowledge and skill of staff and contract farmers in improved poultry farming.

Qualifications Requirements:  The volunteer should have knowledge and skill in the following areas:

    • Bachelor or higher degree in poultry science or relevant subject;
    • Experience in the extension of poultry farming;
    • Special skills supporting small scale backyard poultry rearing;
    • Improved knowledge in managing poultry (broiler and layer) farms;
    • Knowledge in disease diagnosis, prevention and treatment regimens of different poultry diseases;
    • Upgrading of housing facilities;
    • Formulating feed and developing competitive feed program;
    • Improving vaccination and medication programs;
    • Handling waste matter and  litter management;
    • Hygiene and bio-security maintenance;
    • Developing efficient  and cost-effective poultry rearing techniques;
    • Increasing production in line with the food safety and quality issues;
  • US citizenship or current residency in the US is required.

#3) Position Title: Beekeeper (Volunteer) for “Producing Abundant, Safe & Competitive Honey and Beeswax Candles” project

Location:  Guinea, Ethiopia (and probably Bangladesh).

Assignment Purpose:   Multiple assignments for beekeepers in several countries (Guinea, Ethiopia and probably Bangladesh) are expected during the coming months.   These assignments will seeks to harness the villages' beekeeping potential by building the capacity of the producer groups on use of appropriate techniques and equipment to manage their colonies, produce abundant quality honey and beeswax which they can transform into candles.  Amongst the improvements, the volunteer will introduce pollen traps and teach the beekeepers in proper use, cleaning, storage, and develop marketing and sales plan for their product mix (honey, candle and pollen). 

Desired Qualifications: We are looking for one volunteer with the following skills and knowledge:

  • 10 years’ experience in Beekeeping Value Chain Development;
  • Hands-on experience in efficient production techniques, low technology processing techniques and marketing of honey and beeswax;
  • U.S. Citizenship required,


#4) Position Title:   Small Ruminant Expert (Volunteer) for “Technologies to improve competitiveness and profitability of small ruminant production” Assignment

Location:  Mali (the village of Bla in the commune of Domba)

Duration and Dates of Assignment (including travel): as soon as volunteer is available; a total of 17 days is required.

Objectives of the Assignment: To increase gross sales and net income. The objective of this assignment is to enhance the association smallholders understanding of small ruminant herd management strategies to competitively produce small ruminant and by-products using the resources available in the village. Additionally, it will help explore the possibilities or opportunities for genetic improvement. Ultimately, it will contribute to the reduction of production costs in coordination with value-chain stakeholders (including both men and women) and increase competitiveness to stimulate market demand for small ruminant on local or international market place. This assignment will help the smallholders of the Association develop appropriate small ruminant herd management strategies to increase milk production in particular and meat and hide production in general using the resources available in the community.


Desired Qualifications:  

    • Intensive sustainable animal production and industry, and skills in small ruminant health, nutrition, and housing management is requested to improve the profitability (body, milk, meat and hide) of small ruminant production.
    • The expert should be aware of the technical issues related to production and management of small ruminant to competitively satisfy market demand in quality and quantity and thus increase the profitability of the commodity chain, and able to provide alternative and practical solutions.
    • Skills in lifelong training (adult training) and international, overseas (Africa and/or other developing countries) experience can be valuable.
    • Working knowledge of gender integration strategies is also recommended.
    • Speaking French and or Bamanan is preferred but not an obligation;

How to Apply for any of the four assignments:  Please send resume/CV that clearly shows you meet the required qualifications of the position by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include (title of the desired position) in the subject line of your email.


Deadline for Application:    June 2012  --- still accepting specialists for future assignments --- in all areas requested.